Inclusion Base Leader / Learning Mentor

b-chudasamaHi, my name is Bina Chudasama and I am the Learning Mentor and Inclusion Base Leader at Knighton Fields.

My role is to ensure that all children who attend Knighton Fields feel happy and safe. Some children experience problems or difficulties which may have an impact on their learning and my aim is to provide these children with support to overcome these barriers. This support could be through working 1-1 with a child on a specific need, through being a listening ear if a child needs to offload or share any concerns, or a long-term development group where issues/concerns are supported by a more in-depth intervention.

I offer support covering a wide range of issues including: anger management, improving self-confidence, self-esteem and bereavement, as well as working with children identified with specific social, emotional and mental health difficulties. As the Inclusion Base Lead, I also run the school’s Nurture Group, ‘The Space. The Space focuses on small group work and focuses on the nurturing principles. Other small group work that I do focuses around communication, friendships and being a good role model.

If you feel your child may benefit from working with me, or you have any further questions, I am available every day. Alternatively, please contact the office on 0116 233 0666, or mention it to your child’s teacher, who will let me know.

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